ISO 9001 Council Switzerland

The 9001 Council in Switzerland is a non-profit organization offering information and advice about ISO 9001, the world's most popular quality management standard. The Council has a global membership and has assisted companies in more than 20 countries with their ISO 9001 implementation projects.

I was first hired by the Council in 2010 and have worked with them closely ever since. Over the last decade I have evolved the website from a static entity into a fully-fledged portal with membership areas, case studies, resources, and a forum. These days I manage the website's visual identity and am responsible for design, content strategy and marketing.


I've been partnering with the ISO 9001 Council since 2010 and now work for them as a consultant. My work includes:

  • Website Design / Development
  • Logo Design
  • Content Creation
  • Website Optimization
  • Policy / Strategy / Marketing
  • ISO 9001 Research

The latest version of the website was rolled out in August 2021. Improvements included a revitalized design, new articles, better functionality in the membership areas, and faster loading times.


After kicking off with a large hero image, the home page features a series of sections that introduce users to different aspects of the site. Elsewhere, long pages detailing the ISO 9001 standard are punctuated with photos, infoboxes, quotes and infographics. The language is clear and easy to understand; typography (a blend of Lato and Roboto) is clean and legible.

ISO 9001 Council Mobile


My work as a consultant also involves content development. Not so long ago I did an online interview with Professor Dr. Henk de Vries, an expert in the field of Standardization whose teaching has been recognized by the International Organization for Standardization.

Professor Dr. de Vries

Prof. Dr. Henk J. de Vries, Associate Professor of Standardization, Rotterdam School of Management

More recently I've written new articles, and have created and programmed an ISO 9001 self-assessment test.


Founded in 1998 and maintaining an online presence since 2007, the 9001 Council is a mature organization with a global membership committed to ISO 9001. Feedback is positive, especially from companies in the early stages of their ISO 9001 implementation. Input from Council members reached peak levels during the Covid lockdowns; discussions focussed extensively on strategies for maintaining ISO certification and the viability of remote audits.


Andrew went about our website design project in a very methodical and professional fashion, came up with countless creative ideas, and kept on impressing us with his custom programming skills. He even acquired the background knowledge to write content and conduct an interview for us.

Rudolf Oettinger
Managing Director, 9001 Council

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