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I'm an English Web Designer

I design customized websites and online solutions for clients worldwide

Selected Work

Website design and build for one of the world's leading online vendors of ISO 9001 products, training solutions and professional consultancy services.

Web Design ISO 9001 Simplified

Design Philosophy

My design philosophy veers towards a minimalist aesthetic. There's something elegant about simplicity and it seems to me that less is usually more.


Am I a published designer?

Yes, a design I submitted to CSS Zen Garden was published.

Of all the many website design galleries that have come and gone, CSS Zen Garden is easily the best known and most influential. The site was set up sometime around 2004 to showcase what could be done with CSS, a design language invented by a colleague of Sir Tim Berners-Lee. CSS Zen Garden had a profound impact on the evolution of modern web design.

My Zen Garden submission was accepted as an official design at the end of 2005. As well as generating a huge amount of attention in blog posts and online magazines, screenshots of it were published in about half a dozen books. It's thanks to this success that I got started as a website designer.

How long does it take to design a new website?

Designing a website from scratch can sometimes be easier and quicker than overhauling an existing site. If the client has clear ideas about what's needed and is able to provide product photography, video, written content and artwork, 2-3 months is a good estimate. This would include comprehensive testing on Windows, Mac, Android and IOS devices.

Large projects with customized content management systems can take 3-6 months or more. Usability testing can also add a week or so to the schedule.

Latest Content

Most of my content creation work is for clients, but I also keep this blog and write about typography and design, NASA, TV shows and cinema.