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I am English and operate website design studios in Bangkok and Songkhla. My clients include leading companies, government departments, NGOs and startups. One of my designs has been published, others have featured in articles about design and coding techniques.

Services includes website, logo and typographic design, photography and SEO. A crucial part of the web design process is responsive design, a discipline that ensures websites adapt to tablets and smartphones. All websites we make are responsive and tested across a range of devices.

Website Design Services

For most of 2017 we were commissioned to develop a fashion store in the Czech Republic. The project involved collaborating with the country's leading television company, TV Nova. In Bangkok we managed the website's design, coding and programming, while TV Nova handled the video and product photography. The collaboration worked well and the results are good. If you're looking for web design company in Thailand and have a project that requires a professional, creative touch, please contact us.

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Published Work

One of my designs, Mozart, was published in more than half a dozen different books. It all started towards the end of 2006 when author Linda Hefferman contacted me and wrote:

I'm writing the Microsoft Expression Web for Dummies book, due out in the beginning of 2007. It covers CSS heavily and I would like to include a screen shot of your Mozart design on CSS Zen Garden as an example of changing a style sheet to change the look of the page. Your permission and copyright would appear below the screen shot as follows: From www.csszengarden.com. Copyright © 2006. All rights reserved.

Published work

Articles: Iconic Typefaces

More than one hundred years ago Britain's London Underground commissioned an in-house typeface that's still used today and has become part of London's visual language.

London Underground Typeface

This article looks at the history behind two of Britain's most iconic typefaces.

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