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I am an English website designer in Bangkok, Thailand. I grew up just south of London, about three miles from Sandhurst Royal Military Academy, and began experimenting with web design around 2004. I find designing, coding and programming websites a constant challenge, and over the years have had the pleasure of working with some great clients. Standouts include a former Wall Street banker who oversaw one of the largest mergers in American corporate history, Thailand's Department of Highways, a New Zealander who's built a mini-empire devoted to the world of yachting, and a variety of sole traders whose ambition is infectious.

Published work

One of my published designs, Mozart, was described on Amazon as "one of the most visually arresting designs I have ever seen on the whole of the internet" and in the book Ajax: the Definitive Guide as "an excellent example of just how far CSS in design has come". I made the design for CSS Zen Garden, an online resource that had a profound impact on the evolution of modern website design. The screenshot below shows the design as it appeared in Microsoft Expression Web for Dummies, page 165.

Website Designer Bangkok

Content creation / Articles

As well as designing websites I quite like writing, and have authored a number of detailed, academic articles for commercial clients. Listed below is a selection of recent work I'm happiest with.


Any website designer will understand the importance of presenting content in a way that's legible, aesthetic, interesting and varied. Good typography is crucial, but so is media with the power to enhance messaging and impact. Obvious choices of media include video, quotes, infographics, interactive graphs and charts. Shown below is a selection of infographics I've designed for clients involved with ISO 9001.

Website Infographic
Website Infographic
Website Infographic