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StandardsCourses is an Exemplar Global Certified Training Provider and Examiner that sells online courses to executives wishing to learn about ISO standards. Each course focusses on a particular aspect of an ISO standard, such as auditor training for ISO 14001 or implementer training ISO 22000.

As of October 2023, StandardsCourses offers more than 35 courses for 8 different ISO standards. Plans are afoot to add more courses and include the American quality management methodology, Six Sigma.


My contract with StandardsCourses kicked off in 2022 when I completely re-designed the company's existing website, added a new section for long-form articles, and set up a database management system to accommodate a much larger selection of courses.

I also wrote most of the site's core content and all of the new articles. A neat finishing touch was to design and program a user dashboard that enables course managers to enroll learners onto courses they've bulk purchased and to monitor their progress.


The client wanted a mobile-first design that would offer an immersive experience to smartphone users while providing a robust, user-friendly interface for customers viewing the site on PCs and tablets. The client also asked for a core palette of red and black, with a smattering of light blue and grey.

As well as offering a seamless route to checkout, the courses pages include long, detailed sections that describe each module of the course, its primary teaching objectives and intended audience. Checkout is via FoxyCart, a flexible e-commerce solution that accepts most popular payment methods. Typography is a blend of Inter and Rubik, both freely available on Google Fonts.

9001 Standards Courses Mobile


StandardsCourses has had a web presence for over a decade and, until the recent re-design, generated a modest but reliable turnover.

It's too soon to tell how the new version of the site will fare, but early usability studies indicate the improved information architecture and more visually-appealing design will encourage greater user engagement and healthier sales.

In due course more resources will be added to the site, and this too should lead to increased user participation, brand awareness and trust.


Working with AB Design was a great experience. We had this old website that needed a complete redesign but we didn't have the resources to write the content for a large website. AB Design analyzed our needs and came up with a design, created the website and wrote the entire content. We didn't have to do much and received a fully functional website. Perfect!

Thomas Shepherd
Manager – Customer Support

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