6 of the Best Website Design Galleries

Website design galleries are a great way to keep abreast of current trends and see how skilled designers approach different genres. In this article I'll look at a couple of mainstream galleries, two that are less well known, and a pair of inspirational gems that showcase the uniquely Japanese aesthetic.








Name: cssdesignawards.com Category: General

This has long been one of my favorite web design galleries. It's an obvious port of call if you're looking for talent and inspiration.

Problem is, many of the newer listings go slightly overboard with scrolljacking, horizontal scrolling, and typography that strikes me a misjudged. But there are some fantastic websites listed here. Ignore the gimmicky and experimental stuff, and you won't be disappointed.

Name: awwwards.com Category: General / Agency

Awwwards.com differs from other galleries I've described here in that it operates as a business. Online courses and web design tools are offered for sale, as is the option to join the site and become a Pro Member. The site also charges for submissions, so if you want to submit a website and stand a chance of winning the "Site of the Day" award, you'll need to pay 65 USD.

The sites listed are sometimes outstanding but way too many suffer from serious usability and/or accessibility issues. A lot of them are slow to load, resource intensive, packed with animations, and confusing to navigate. I generally think of this site as a showcase for what can be done rather than what average users might actually want.

These points noted, the site appears to have a loyal following so it must be doing something right. By all means check it out, but don't be surprised if some of the submissions take a while to load.

Name: choooodoii.com Category: Japanese / International

Japanese websites often stand out when it comes to mobile design. And that shouldn't be too surprising. For centuries, Japanese horticulturists have been refining the art of bonsai cultivation, and this quest for "perfection in miniature" is on full, glorious display in lots of modern Japanese websites.

Japanese Website Design Galleries

Choooodoii is the first of two Japanese website design galleries I'll look at. I've no idea what the name means, but the site offers some great examples of Japanese mobile design. There are 24 pages of listings, each of which showcases dozens of inspirational websites. The only downside is that none of these entries are categorized.

Name: muuuuu.org Category: Japanese / International

What a superb gallery! While there seem to be more international listings here than on choooodoii.com, there's still plenty of great Japanese sites to check out, many of which are bursting with creative, mobile-friendly ideas. Entries are categorized according to industry, design and color palette.

There are hundreds of sites listed on muuuuu.org and it would take ages to go through them all. I tend to filter results by color or design, and then just take a leisurely stroll through what's on offer, generally only checking things at smartphone and tablet widths. It's here on muuuuu.org that I've come across some of the best mobile designs anywhere on the net.

Name: godly.website Category: General / European

Godly.website appears to be the work of one man who's made it his mission to pick out great design on the internet. It's a fantastic gallery, packed full of websites that explore scroll effects, typography and animation. Many listings are clearly experimental and for demo purposes only, but others work well and breathe life and creative impact into real-world applications.

Godly.website is easy to recommend. Browse the site to see cutting-edge effects and design ideas that think outside the box.

Name: unmatchedstyle.com Category: Agency / Studio / Freelance

Unmatchedstyle dates all the way back to July 2004, making it one of the oldest website design galleries still running. But as old as it is, it's updated frequently and still important and relevant.

The site tends to showcase a lot of agency and freelance design websites, many of which employ a range of modern techniques to create user experiences that are both original and interesting. Overall it's a great resource. The site abounds with fresh talent that deserves attention.