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Website design for V.D. & Family, Bangkok

V.D. & Family in Bangkok are Thailand's première designer, manufacturer and exporter of artificial, soft-wooden flowers. The company wholesales to agents worldwide, many of whom place orders worth tens of thousands of dollars.

Website design brief

I first discussed website design with V.D. & Family at their head office in Bangkok around 2007. The site I made for them at the time was simple, colorful and functional. In November 2015 they asked me to re-design the website, stressing the need for an interface that would adapt seamlessly to tablets and smartphones. An important consideration was ease of maintenance: new items become available throughout the year and it was essential that the website's database could be updated quickly. Ease of use was another important factor since many of the company's agents are not native English speakers. E-commerce functionality wasn't needed, nor was it necessary to show prices.

Website Design Bangkok


Photography was managed at the company's showroom in Bangkok with a tripod-mounted Fujfilm camera. White or neutral backgrounds were used to minimize the amount of post production work; lighting in most cases was natural. The quality of most photos is good and more than sufficient to convey the product range's rich variety of colors and textures. The photographs on this page, for example, are clean, lifelike and free of digital noise and artifacts.


The site was coded with standards-compliant HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP. The database and custom-coded content management system use an SQL configuration that allows site administrators to login and add, edit or delete items quickly and without fuss. The website was hosted with 24WebHost in Bangkok.

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