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English Website Designer in Bangkok

I am an English website designer in Bangkok and have been offering design and programming services to clients worldwide since 2006. One of my designs has been published, others have been featured in a number of articles about website design.

Website Designer Bangkok

Becoming a website designer in Bangkok

The books on this page show or discuss a design I made called Mozart. One of the books, AJAX: The Definitive Guide, describes the design on pages 333-334 as "an excellent example of just how far CSS in design has come". I made the design back in 2005 for CSS Zen Garden, one of the most popular design resources on the net at the time and a showcase for what could be achieved with the then relatively new design language, CSS. The Mozart design generated considerable attention and feedback, and inspired me to set up AB Website Design Bangkok

Working with new clients

When I start working with a new client I usually ask them to point me to a few of their competitors' websites. This is a good way to get a feel for the industry and to see how other companies in the sector are presenting themselves. I also ask clients to think carefully about color: an appealing, well balanced palette will usually consist of no more than two or three different colors, and it's important to choose a combination that will generate the appropriate look and feel.

Typography is an interesting aspect of website design. Most sites use either a serif font (Arial, Tahoma or Helvetica, for example), a sans-serif (such as Georgia, Times or Palatino), or a combination of the two. A standard approach found on very many websites is to use serifs for headers and sans-serifs for content. Google offers a range of fonts that can be embedded, some of which are very good.

Serch Engine Optmization (SEO)

SEO (search engine optimization) refers to the techniques designers employ to ensure websites feature prominently in search results. Most techniques are detailed in Google's guidelines for webmasters:

web pages should be appropriately named;

all pages should include unique, explanatory title tags and sufficient relevant content;

content headers should be organized hierarchically;

each page should be optimized for a specific phrase or search term (this page, for example, has been optimized for "website designer bangkok"; other pages on the site emphasize different but equally relevant search terms).

What will it cost?

If you're looking for a website designer you'll probably be asked for an estimate of your budget. This is because fees vary enormously. Let's say you want a website that sells 200 bakery products. I could make it for $1000; I could also make it for $3000. Both sites would work perfectly, but the differences in terms of design, functionality and ease of maintenance would be enormous.

AB Website Design Bangkok

We specialize in web design, logo development, e-commerce solutions and server-based business software.

Logo design

Logo Design

There are three main types of logos: symbols, wordmarks and combination marks. Instantly recognizable symbols include Nike's "tick" and the WWF's black and white panda. The logos for Coca-Cola, Google and IBM are wordmarks. Most logos are combination marks, featuring a symbol and a wordmark. Examples include YouTube and 7-11. Logos should always be unique, simple and above all, memorable.


Website E-commerce

The quickest way to enable e-commerce on a website is to add a "Buy now" button that links to PayPal. Another approach is to use a dedicated shopping platform such as UltraCart or Shoppify. Weighing up the pros and cons of these and other options is not always easy: factors such as monthly fees, commission, stock control and possible loss of control over the website's design must be considered carefully.

Website Design: a Glossary of Terms


AJAX is a technology used to add richness and interactivity to web pages. It was invented by a Google employee and has become a standard feature on many modern websites.


In terms of website design, an API can be thought of as a snippet of code for accessing popular services such as Google maps.


CSS, or Cascading Style Sheets, is a website design language used to control the layout and presentation of web pages.


A database is really just a collection of information. The information might be the names and addresses of your clients; it might be an inventory of your stock; or it might be a listing of room rates and availability at a hotel.


Websites need to be hosted on a server. Choosing a web hosting package is similar to choosing a service provider for a mobile phone: numerous packages are available; variations in price and quality can be considerable.


HTML, or Hypertext Markup Language, is the core language used for making websites.


Javascript is a programming language used to add animation and interactivity to web pages. Javascript is often confused with JAVA, but the two languages are actually quite different.


PHP is a programming language used to manage information on the server. It is often used in conjunction with AJAX to control the appearance and content of web pages.

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