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I am English and operate website design studios in Bangkok and Songkhla. My clients include leading companies, government departments, NGOs and startups. One of my designs has been published; others have been showcased in various articles about website design. My services include website design (in Bangkok and Songkhla), e-commerce, responsive design for tablets and smartphones, SEO and social media integration. A few of the more recent websites I've made are described below.

Website Design Bangkok

Jet Asia Airways / Bangkok, Thailand

This is the website I designed for JetAsia in Bangkok, a Thai airline which operates scheduled flights to Korea and China. Flights depart Thailand from Suvarnabhumi (Bangkok) and Phuket International Airport. The site is multilingual and can be viewed in English, Thai, Japanese and Chinese.

Website Designer Thailand

ISO 9001 Council / Zurich, Switzerland

Headquartered in Switzerland, the ISO 9001 Council is a non-profit organization that offers information and advice about the international standard, ISO 9001. The council has a global membership and has assisted companies in more than 20 countries to achieve full ISO 9001 certification.

Website Designer Bangkok

Wichanun & Family / Bangkok, Thailand

This is a website I designed for Wichanun & Family in Bangkok, Thailand's leading manufacturer and exporter of artificial, soft-wooden flowers. The company produces more than 200 different designs and exhibits annually at major home decoration fairs in Frankfurt, Bangkok, Hong Kong and Johannesburg.

Website Design Thailand

Vining Marine / Auckland, New Zealand

This is a site I made for a company in New Zealand that sells new and pre-owned yachts. The company is an offical dealer for Azimut – one of the world's leading manufacturers of luxury yachts. A password-protected admin section enables the client to login and manage the Stock & Demo section.

Web Design Bangkok

Austro Pro / Bangkok, Thailand

Austro Pro in Bangkok is Thailand's leading supplier of bakery products to the hospitality industry. The company supplies up to 200,000 items per month to hotel chains such as Sofitel, Le Meridien and Marriot. The company is also a major supplier to BITEC (the Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Center).

Web Designer Bangkok

Ancient Beadart / Bangkok & Tokyo

This is an e-commerce website I designed for a company in Bangkok that sells ancient beads and Roman-period artefacts. The database includes about one thouand different items. Product photography was done with a digital SLR fitted with a macro lens and a specially constructed lightbox


AJAX is a technology used to add richness and interactivity to web pages. It was invented by a Google employee and has become a standard feature on many modern websites.


In terms of website design, an API can be thought of as a snippet of code for accessing popular services such as Google maps.


A CMS, or Content Management System, is an admin area that can be used to update, edit or delete website content. Some Content Management Systems are very basic; others give site owners control over almost every aspect of their site.


CSS, or Cascading Style Sheets, is a website design language used to control the layout and presentation of web pages.


A database is really just a collection of information. The information might be the names and addresses of your clients; it might be an inventory of your stock; or it might be a listing of room rates and availability at a hotel.

Domain name

A domain name is basically the address of a website; ie,


Websites need to be hosted on a server. Choosing a web hosting package is similar to choosing a service provider for a mobile phone: numerous packages are available; variations in price and quality can be considerable.


HTML, or Hypertext Markup Language, is the core language used for making websites. Many website designers use a version of the language called XHTML.


Javascript, also known as DOM scripting, is a programming language used to add animation and interactivity to web pages. Javascript is often confused with JAVA, but the two languages are actually quite different.


PHP, or PHP Hypertext Protocol, is a programming language used to manage information on the server. It is often used in conjunction with AJAX to control the appearance and content of web pages.


SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, refers to the techniques employed to help websites achieve high rankings in search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing. This website, for example (AB Website Design Bangkok), has been optimized for search terms such as website design in Bangkok.


SQL, or Structured Query Language, is a language used for retrieving information from a database.