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I am English and operate website design studios in Bangkok and Songkhla. My clients include leading companies, government departments, NGOs and startups; my services include website design, e-commerce, responsive design for tablets and smartphones, SEO and social media integration.


Jet Asia, Bangkok

In 2011 AB Website Design Bangkok was hired to design a multilingual website for Jet Asia, a popular Thai airline servicing scheduled routes to Saudi Arabia and destinations throughout southeast Asia. Flights depart Thailand from Bangkok and Phuket.


ISO 9001 Council, Switzerland

The ISO 9001 Council is an NGO that offers information and advice about the international standard, ISO 9001. The council serves a global membership and has helped companies in more than 20 countries achieve full ISO 9001 certification.


V.D. & Family, Bangkok

This is a small website I designed for V.D. & Family in Bangkok, Thailand's largest manufacturer and exporter of artificial, soft-wooden flowers. The company wholesales to agents worldwide and exhibits regularly at trade fairs in Bangkok, China and Europe.


Website design & development in Bangkok

I have been designing websites for clients in Bangkok, Thailand, Europe, Australia and New Zealand since 2006. One of my designs has been published in at least 6 different books, others have been showcased in website design galleries and articles about coding and programming. In addition to website design we offer a range of server-based solutions, including database management systems, personalized CRM software and content management systems.

We adopt an interdisciplinary approach to design, focussing heavily on aesthetics and usability


Website Design

As far as website design is concerned, aesthetics covers a spectrum of ideas that enhance the presentation and communication of information. Aesthetic elements found on most websites include color, contrast, alignment, delineation and typographical variation. Style is also an important consideration: the look and feel of a company website should reflect the company's business, goals, ethics and heritage.


Website Usability

Usability, sometimes known as information architecture, refers to the techniques that ensure a seamless and rewarding experience for users. Website visitors should be able to find what they're looking for quickly and easily; menus must be intuitive; content needs to presented in a way that's meaningful and relevant. Modern website design stresses the importance of cohesive structures, consistency and ease of use.

I'm writing the Microsoft Expression Web for Dummies book and would like to include a screen shot of your Mozart design on CSS Zen Garden

Linda Hefferman, author of Microsoft Expression Web for Dummies

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