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Website design for Jet Asia, Bangkok

Jet Asia in Bangkok is a popular Thai airline servicing scheduled routes to Japan, Korea and China. Recent additions to the airline's network include Indonesia and Saudi Arabia.


As of August 2016 plans are underway to re-design the JetAsia website: over the coming weeks we will develop a new interface (including a responsive layout that will adapt to tablets and smartphones) and re-configure the online booking engine.

Website design brief

I first discussed the design of Jet Asia's website at the company's head office back in 2011. The situation was quite straightforward: the airline's relations with another website design studio in Bangkok had soured and the company needed to get their site up and running as soon as possible. I was given a PDF file specifying design guidelines, a set of photographs and core content in four languages. What followed was several weeks of hard work, punctuated by regular feedback and observations from the airline's director. The site was completed on schedule and hosted with GoDaddy, a popular domain registrar and website hosting service headquartered in Arizona.

Website Design Bangkok

A major focus of the initial website was on recruiting new staff. The site included long application forms for trainee flight stewards, as well as sections detailing vacancies for technical, operations and administrative personnel. The original design also featured a home page slideshow and pages devoted to news and press releases.


I used the guidelines the airline gave me to create a set of mock-ups in Photoshop and then coded the website with HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP. A content management system (CMS) wasn't requested, mainly due to time constraints but also because the airline didn't envisage updating the site more than once or twice a month.

Related projects

Sometime around 2007 I was hired to design a website for Kam Air, an airline operating out of Kabul, Afghanistan. I got the contract through an American firm that provided security services for CEOs and government officials in Kabul. The website was one of the first projects on which I used AJAX technology. The site has now been superseded by a more modern design managed by a company in India. I still have the original website on file – please contact me @ AB Website Design Bangkok if you'd like to see it.

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AB Website Design Bangkok: all websites incorporate responsive design and a suite of database management tools

Responsive design

Responsive Website Design

As of 2015 all websites I make are responsive, which means they adapt to the different screen widths found on PCs, tablets, netbooks and smartphones. Responsive design is now an important part of the development process and something which anyone about to hire a website designer should be aware of.

Content Management

Content Management System

All database-driven websites and any site requiring routine updates will need a content management system (CMS). In its simplest form a CMS enables site administrators to upload and edit content; more complex set ups can be programmed to help manage customer information and generate detailed statistics and reports.

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