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Website design for ISO 9001 Council, Switzerland

The ISO 9001 Council in Switzerland is a non-profit organization offering information about the international standard, ISO 9001. The Council has a global membership and has assisted companies in more than 20 countries to achieve full ISO 9001 certification.

Website design brief

The ISO 9001 Council's website is a a platform for practical information and advice on ISO 9001. Long, detailed sections describe ISO 9001, its revisions and the documentation required to achieve certification; further sections review products and services of interest to companies planning to implement ISO 9001. Membership areas allow registered users access to case studies and a moderated forum.

I began working with the Council in 2010. The initial brief was to design a formal, corporate-looking website to serve the needs of members worldwide. Apart from a stock photo used as a home page banner, the website would be free of images and consist almost entirely of text. In 2015 the Council requested a responsive design that would adapt to tablets and smartphones while retaining the functionality and user-friendliness of membership areas.

Logo development

The logo evolved from a core palette of orange and navy. A series of samples were produced before the design, font and wording were finalized. The version selected for use on the website (shown on the right) features a simple design that scales well and retains clarity at small sizes.

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Business Website Design
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Site development

Key considerations included the need for a clear presentation with sufficient typographical variation to add interest to what otherwise would be dense blocks of text. To some extent this was achieved using a simple hierarchy of headers and sub-headers, along with bulleted and indented text. Apart from a few sections that employ color delineation, design elements were kept to a minimum. Membership areas were tested by surveying a handful of Council members; feedback indicated a preference for little or no color, and large, highly visible buttons in both the primary and secondary menus.

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