Web Design Bangkok: Clients

Over the last decade we've worked with clients operating across a broad spectrum of industries. Listed below is an overview of some of the projects we've managed for clients in Asia, Europe and the USA.

Pinnacle Marine, NZ & Thailand

Pinnacle Marine is a firm of yacht brokers specializing in new and used boats. The company is headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand, and operates subsidiary branches throughout Thailand. Pinnacle Marine is New Zealand's only appointed dealer for the Azimut Benetti Group, the world's leading brand for luxury yachts and superyachts. This video was shot a few years ago at the Phuket International Boat Show and features an interview with Pinnacle Marine's Managing Director.

We've been working with Pinnacle Marine since 2014 and manage their websites in New Zealand and Thailand. We take care of:

The most recent re-design was completed in August 2019. Since design is fluid and constantly evolving, further improvements will be made whenever necessary.

Content development
In 2019 we added a section for News & Events. We then kicked things off by writing the first 10 or so articles, each carefully researched, media-rich, and weighing in at around 1000 words.

Web services
Yachts can be priced in a number of currencies, but searches are only done in NZD. To achieve this, the website uses a currency feed from the European Central Bank. Once retrieved, the information is stored locally and exchange rates are calculated relative to NZD.

Database systems
A vastly improved backend enables Pinnacle Marine staff to upload batches of photos with combined file sizes well in excess of 100mb. The system integrates with ImageMagick, a server-based solution that facilitates high quality image processing.

ISO 9001 Council, Switzerland

The ISO 9001 Council in Switzerland is a non-profit organization offering information and advice about the world's most popular Quality Management Standard, ISO 9001. The Council has a global membership and has assisted companies in more than 20 countries with their ISO 9001 implementation. The website features long, detailed sections describing ISO 9001, its revisions and the documentation required to achieve certification; membership areas allow registered users access to case studies, resources and a moderated forum. Extra convenience is provided by the option to login with Facebook.

AB Web Design Bangkok was first hired by the Council in 2010 and has been working closely with them ever since. As of November-2018 we are completely re-designing the site, developing content and marketing collateral, and testing an API that will eventually provide real time information to Council members.

Longbone Menswear, Czech Republic

Longbone Menswear is a fashion store founded by a producer at TV Nova, the leading television company in the Czech Republic. The website is bilingual and allows users to create personalized, high-quality T-shirts. We managed the website design in Bangkok (from 2017 until mid-2018); TV Nova handled the video and product photography. Payments are handled by GoPay, a checkout provider that offers secure, streamlined services to companies registered in the Czech Republic. The video below was shot and edited by TV Nova.

An easy-to-use CMS (Content Management System) gives site administrators full control over inventory; an internal messaging system enables communication between the company's design team and potential buyers. The design is optimized for smartphones, but is easy to use across a range of devices or screen widths. The option to login with Facebook ensures maximum accessibility and convenience.

Department of Highways, Thailand

In 2012 we were asked to design the website for a provincial branch of Thailand's Department of Highways (DOH), part of the Ministry of Transport in Bangkok. Our contract also included modernizing the department's 100-year-old logo. Sadly the contract didn't last long: in 2015 the DOH decided that all websites had to be designed in accordance with their own templates and guidelines, and free-form designs would no longer be allowed. A screenshot of the home page we made is shown below.

Thailand's Department of Highways

The design is now offline, but I've kept a copy of the home page on this server for posterity. It's not responsive (meaning it won't adapt to tablets or smartphones), but it's colorful and I like the way the highway fades into the text below the banner.

9001 Simplified, USA

9001 Simplified is a Seattle-based company that sells a range of products designed to help small and medium-sized enterprises set up ISO 9001 quality management systems. The website is quite extensive and contains a wealth of resources for businesses looking to achieve ISO 9001 certification. Checkout is with Foxy Cart, an e-commerce solution that combines security with ease of use.

As of Summer 2019 the website is still being developed and should be finished by about September / October. Work in progress includes refining typography and re-thinking the overall look and feel of the website.

Ancient Beadart, Bangkok & Tokyo

SKJ Ancient Beadart is part of a network of family businesses specializing in old, ancient and antique beads. This e-commerce website represents the company's interests in Thailand and Japan, and is one of the largest of its kind on the internet.

Ancient Beadart

An interesting feature of the website is that when viewed at full width (on a PC, for example) there are two different styles of presentation: items in the Private Collections and Metals sections are displayed in a gallery-style scroller, while jewelry items in other categories are shown in a conventional tabular layout. Product photography is managed by the client using a digital SLR fitted with a macro lens and a specially constructed lightbox; the quality is generally very good.