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8 June 2017

An important aspect of website design concerns security. Internet browsers traditionally connected to websites with HTTP, but these days an increasing number of websites are using HTTPS, an encrypted protocol that offers far greater security.

Secure Website Design

A project that enables website owners to switch from HTTP to HTTPS at no cost is Let's Encrypt, a Certificate Authority that offers the necessary documentation / software to make the upgrade. The project aims to make encrypted connections the default standard on the internet, and represents a major advance in online privacy and security. The service is extremely easy to use, completely automatic, and currently supported by more than 100 web hosting providers (including WordPress, Dreamhost and Cloudways).

Let's Encrypt is also supported by Blueboard, a provider based in the Czech Republic that hosts the website we're making for a new client, Longbone Menswear. We set up HTTPS encryption for Longbone in less than 30 minutes, and the site is now fully secure for customer login and e-commerce. In due course (once the website is finished) Longbone will begin selling its range of bespoke men's clothing.

While user trust is the most important aspect of using HTTPS (obviously most clients or buyers will want to see that your website is secure), an additional benefit comes from improved SEO rankings. Google takes online security seriously and as part of its bid to establish a safer browsing environment, the search engine gives a small ranking advantage to encrypted HTTPS websites. For more information about online security and the e-commerce solutions we offer, please get in touch.

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