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Over the last decade we've worked on numerous projects, large and small, for clients operating across a broad spectrum of industries. While our main focus is on website design, we also manage SEO, logo design and bespoke software solutions. Shown below is a set of logo ideas I designed for Thailand's Department of Highways, part of the Ministry of Transport in Bangkok. The concept is based on an early 20th-century illustration depicting an elephant chair above a pair of tusks. The orange version was chosen for the website.

One of my published designs, Mozart,  was described on Amazon as "one of the most visually arresting designs I have ever seen on the whole of the Internet" and in the book Ajax: the Definitive Guide  as "an excellent example of just how far CSS in design has come". I made the design for CSS Zen Garden, an online resource that had a profound impact on the evolution of modern website design.

What clients say

I am the the founder of Longbone Menswear. To make the website I co-operate with TV Nova in the Czech Republic (for video and photography) and AB Web Design in Bangkok for programming and design. I am very impressed with the teamwork and everything is very good. The website will be finished in July 2017

Lucie Čevelová

Longbone, Czech Republic

This is a video used on the website we are making for Longbone Menswear, a fashion store founded by a producer at TV Nova in the Czech Republic. The website is bilingual (English and Czech) and allows users to choose and customize high-quality, handmade T-shirts. TV Nova produced the video and managed the website's product and model photography. The quality throughout is superb.

Pinnacle Marine, Thailand / New Zealand

Web Design Thailand

Pinnacle Marine Thailand is a division of Pinnacle Marine New Zealand, a yacht brokerage specializing in new and used boats, and maintains offices in Bangkok and at Ocean Marina, Pattaya. The company partners with several industry-leading brands, including Elan and Impression Yachts, and Monterey Boats. The New Zealand branch is the country's only appointed dealer for Azimut, one of the world's première yacht designers.

Photographs for the website's slideshows and photo galleries were provided by Pinnacle Marine's partners and the quality is generally very good; photos of pre-owned boats were sourced and uploaded by company staff. A custom-coded content management system enables site administrators to add, edit and delete listings. Multiple photo uploads are possible, as is the option to embed YouTube videos.

Teibto, Bangkok / Singapore

Business Website Bangkok

Operating from offices in Bangkok and Singapore, Teibto partners with NetSuite and BlackLine, global leaders in cloud-hosted business management software. Teibto is Thailand's #1 NetSuite Solution provider, the country's only tax-certified NetSuite partner, and in 2016 was voted NetSuite Partner of the Year.

The Teibto website is a large, business-oriented design, rich in marketing collaterals, photo-imagery and custom-made icons. The news section is managed by the client (via a CMS) and features a comprehensive selection of articles, videos and PDF files. Images for the site's home page slideshow were sourced from a stock photo library.

SKJ Ancient Beadart, Bangkok / Tokyo

E-commerce Bangkok

SKJ Ancient Beadart is part of a network of family businesses specializing in old, ancient and antique beads. This e-commerce website represents the company's interests in Thailand and Japan, and is one of the largest of its kind on the internet. Beads and other items are generally sourced from established trading partners throughout Asia, Africa and the Middle East; rare or one-off pieces are bought at private collection sales and from bead traders passing through Bangkok.

Photography was managed by the client using a digital SLR fitted with a macro lens and a specially constructed lightbox. Most items are accompanied by at least 3 or 4 additional photos; the quality is generally very good.

ISO 9001 Council, Switzerland

Corporate Website Design

The ISO 9001 Council in Switzerland is a non-profit organization offering information about the international standard, ISO 9001. The Council has a global membership and has assisted companies in more than 20 countries to achieve full ISO 9001 certification. The website features long, detailed sections describing ISO 9001, its revisions and the documentation required to achieve certification; membership areas allow registered users access to case studies and a moderated forum.

AB Website Design Bangkok was hired by the Council in 2010. The initial brief was to design a formal, corporate-looking website to serve the needs of members worldwide. In 2016 the Council requested a responsive design that would adapt to tablets and smartphones.

VD & Family, Bangkok, Thailand

Web Designer Bangkok

In 2011 we were asked to design a website for VD & Family, Thailand's première designer, manufacturer and exporter of artificial flowers. The company operates from premises in northern Bangkok and wholesales to agents worldwide, many of whom place orders worth tens of thousands of dollars. The company is a member of Thailand's Department of International Trade Promotion and frequent exhibitor at regional trade fairs.

The first website we made for them was simple, colorful and functional. In November 2016 we improved the content management system, added extra functionality and re-designed the interface so it would adapt seamlessly to tablets and smartphones.

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