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Website design for Austro-Pro, Bangkok

Austro-Pro in Bangkok is Thailand's leading supplier of bakery products to the hospitality industry. The company operates from a five-floor bakery in the city's northern suburbs and supplies up to 200,000 items per month to hotels in and around the capital.

Website design brief

Austro-Pro was founded in 2007 by a team of Austrian pastry chefs who previously had spent several years at one of Bangkok's top hotel chains. The bakery initially occupied two floors of a large commercial property in the northern outskirts of Bangkok; in 2011 the company took possession of all five floors in the building and converted them to additional preparation and storage areas.

The first website I designed for Austro-Pro was completed in 2008. It was fairly minimal and featured a news section and online ordering. The site was well received by its target audience, but it soon became apparent that much of the functionality wasn't needed. I designed the current website in 2012 and re-coded it in 2015 to ensure compatibility with tablets and smartphones.

Website Design Bangkok


The home page slideshow is an interesting feature of the site, especially when viewed on large, widescreen monitors. It consists of five slides, each of which has been desaturated and given a slight yellow tinge. Photographs were taken with a digital camera fitted with an ultra-wide angle lens, a technique which not only captured much of the visible space but also created unusual distortions of the building's architecture.

Product photography was a tricky aspect of site design. Dark backgrounds were chosen for the first website in the hope they would improve contrast and allow products to stand out. The downside to this approach was that the site took on a rather sombre look and feel. The current website uses white backgrounds only and the ambience is correspondingly lighter.


The website was coded with standards-compliant HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP; the content management system is programmed with PHP and SQL. The site was originally hosted with a company outside Thailand and then moved to 24WebHost in Bangkok a few years ago.

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